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3 things to considered before you host your first website or blog if you must succeed

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In case you are interested in hosting your first website or blog, it’s a very good idea to own your own brand of website or blog  instead of publishing your valuable content material under someone else blog. the earlier you do it, the earlier you make money from your content. proudly owning a brand offers you a sense of freedom and lets the man in you to look after it as it is something meaningful on your life. in this post, we will go through the method of publishing your very first website or blog and giving it a completely unique name to make it stand out of the crowd the the blogosphere


1) think of a name: the first actual step in getting your first website or blog published is to think of an awesome and unique name. selecting a name for your commercial enterprise or weblog can be complex. The many things which you ought to have in mind is that the name either without delay displays the character of your weblog and it’s far truly clean to take into account. because of this you ought to always pick out small key phrases in place of long terms.

2) purchase domain name: once you have a great name in mind, subsequent step is to shop for a domain. there are quite some hosting  companies available. once more, it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. however, I will not recommend spending too much time searching for the right hosting company, as all of them are quite and almost the same. domain names cost between $zero.99 to $9.99 consistent with year for the first 12 months and then up to $19.ninety nine the yearr after and onwards

hosting your first website

3) purchase internet hosting: that is the maximum critical step of all in hosting your first website or blog. internet web hosting service is the house to all the files and folders of your content material which include text and pics. consequently, it’s very good to choose the proper web hosting service. even though there are a whole lot of services available, but it could be difficult to locate the best one out of them all. In contrast to domain name, web hosting services aren’t all alike. you want to ensure that the service you are  going to join will be able to satisfy you meeting all you need and  few of the things so important to look for in a good internet hosting is: control panel, garage space, bandwidth, and quantity of domains that it helps.

hosting your first website

When you are finally done with this research and you are sure you have gotten your desire, you can go ahead to host you first website